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Jordan Urban keen on Representing East Coast Baseball

Posted Sunday, July 24, 2011 by The Scouting News

Have you been approached by recruiters? If so, whom, and what was the feedback?


Not yet since I just finished my sophomore year.


What schools are you leaning towards playing for in the future?  I am not opposed to playing in the warmer states but I'd prefer to represent East Coast Baseball.  I hear so much about the challenges that a baseball player that is NOT from the south or the west coast faces in the recruitment process.  After seeing a former player from my high school Joe Panik selected by the San Francisco Giants in 2011 it re-emphasized how hard work and dedication can help you overcome the label of East Coast players not being able to compete.


What are your strengths as a player prospect? What do you have to offer teams at the next level?  


I believe my biggest strength is my ability to understand game situations.  I am fully aware of what is going on in the game at all times and always approach my at bats based on what I need to do to help my team win.  I get on base.  Last year my OBP was .757 in 14 games.  I only struck out once in 48 at bats (looking) and hit .619.  Power-wise I hit 5 Homeruns this past season the shortest being 337 feet.  I spread the ball around pretty evenly but my power is to right center.


What are your weaknesses as a player prospect? Where do you need to get better?  

My defense.  I work very hard at it and have improved tremendously over the past 2 years.  I did make 5 errors in 41 chances.  Here in the East we don't have the best infields so it's EXCELLENT training!


Please tell us your stats from this season (if not available, please estimate):  


My dad keeps very accurate stats of every game and does not give me credit for hits that should have been outs at the next level.  If a ball squeeks past an infielder, he will judge the hit based on the fielders range (my own dad tends to rob me a few times a year).  14 games - OBP .757  AVG .619 - I only struck out once in 48 at bats (looking). POWER  - 5 Homeruns the shortest being 337 feet. 1 to Left Center.  2 Dead Center (longest 371) 2 Right Center


Who are the ten best players you have played against in your career? List their 2011 team, name and why you believe they are special players:  


I travel all over the USA and play with great players from all over.  It's really difficult to remember all of their names.  The one player that I played against (and with) who stands out is Albert Almora from the USA baseball 18-U team.  Best pure hitter and outfielder I have ever seen.



Who are/were the best five players on your team? List their name, birth year and why you feel they are special players.


I am sorry but I think everyone I play with brings something unique and special to the game.  I can't fairly rate players I've played with.  I respect them all the same     











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